We want happy children. Our Pre-School Learning System provides hours of fun and entertainment for pre-schoolers while they are introduced to the skills and concepts they will learn when they start school.  How do we help you and your child? 

  • CONFIDENCE AND CONTROL - Dotted-line games in the early books focus on encouraging strength and control in hand movements - a vital but often overlooked skill that will boost their confidence as they begin learning to write.
  • CONCENTRATION AND OBSERVATION - The next stage in our Pre-School Learning System looks at matching shapes. This develops a child's ability to look at objects carefully enough to notice similarities and differences through engaging observational exercises. The simple exercises will show them how to draw basic shapes easily.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF COLOURS AND SOUNDS - Youngsters can then move on to identifying and recalling colours and learning the sounds and shapes of the letters of the alphabet.
  • DEXTERITY AND HAND-EYE CO-ORDINATION - There is an art activity at the end of each book. These activities help develop children's ability to handle different materials confidently by increasing their dexterity and improving their hand-eye
  • FAMILY LEARNING - Parents can join in the fun by reading the stories and helping with the art activities.


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