The Cayac Publications Pre-School Learning System is the brainchild of Mary Anderson.

Mary has almost 20 years' experience helping young children prepare for school.

Before creating the books Mary ran the pre-school part of Ebony Saturday School - an award-winning Saturday School helping children from a variety of backgrounds and with different educational and emotional needs.

Mary played a key role in teaching children from the ages of three years upwards to the point where they could read.

Finding suitable material to match the children's educational requirements often proved difficult - so Mary began producing worksheets and booklets herself.

Mary enjoyed making the worksheets so much she decided other children might also benefit from them and so set up Cayac Publications in 2007.

To date Mary has produced 13 activity books and five story books - writing, illustrating and publishing them herself.

There are also several more titles in production - so look out for those coming soon.

Mary's aim is to introduce pre-school children to the key skills and concepts they will learn on entering primary school in a unique, simple and interesting way.

The core areas covered in the Pre-School Learning System to date help develop an essential grounding for reading, writing, speech development, understanding and concentration.

All books in the Cayac Pre-School Learning System are designed to be used by children and their parents together.

Five fun animal characters accompany children through the whole series of books to make the learning experience even more enjoyable.

"Each book addresses one particular skill or concept and contains a story which supports the skill to be learned," Mary said.

"There are lots of exercises so that children of differing abilities and dexterity have opportunities to practice the skills and there are also pictures to colour which help hand-eye co-ordination and hand control.

"All the books contain an art activity which the adult and the child can enjoy together. Parents can select whichever book deals with the topic their child needs help with or work through the entire series. If they go through the Pre-School Learning System series, they will know what their child knows, having guided them through the material."

Cayac Publications - giving pre-school children the best possible start in education.

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