Learning should be fun. Lots of fun. And Cayac Publications' Pre-School Learning System is just that. Great fun for 3 - 5 year old children of all abilities..

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  • Five characters - Boo the bee, Seb the spider, Kubby the kitten, Muti the mouse and Loki the ladybird - all need help to find something to eat. Code: PS1

  • Boo the bee is allowed to go out for the first time by himself. He decides to have a look in Farmer Collins' field. He finds trees, sheep and lots of flowers. Code: PS2

  • Seb the spider is practising spinning a web. He works very hard at making something he can have a lot of fun with. What can it be? Code: PS3

  • Loki the ladybird goes looking for treasure but what does ladybird treasure look like? She finds apples and flowers but suddenly something catches her eye. What is it?
    Code: PS4

  • Kubby the kitten goes into the garden to play but all his friends are busy. What can he do now? Code: PS5

  • Muti the mouse can smell something good. The table has been laid with lots of food for tea. Muti is hoping no-one will miss a crumb or two. Code: PS6

  • Boo looks at his calendar and finds he has a busy week ahead. He plays 'Hide and Seek', goes shopping, visits his friends, looks at some kites and goes to a party. Code: PS7

  • Loki the ladybird finds something wonderful in the garden. Now she has to get it home. It is big and heavy so what can she do? Code: PS8

  • Seb the spider loves spinning webs so he goes looking for interesting shapes to try. What he finds are lots of circles and squares. What great shapes for webs! Code: PS9

  • Muti the mouse finds the fridge door open. She is delighted because that means her favourite thing in all the world - food. Code: PS10

  • Kubby the kitten is invited to his friend's party and finds he has lots of decisions to make about the colours red and yellow. Code: PS11

  • Boo the bee, Seb the spider and Loki the ladybird decide to have a boat race. The problem is they don't have any boats and have to use anything they can get. Code: PS12

  • Boo the bee goes to the zoo but there is a tremendous uproar. The animals are not happy at all. The new zookeepers have made a mess of things. Code: PS13

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